About Us


We are in the midst of transition so please bear with us as we update the site.

Nancy, the original Maude, has retired.  Unfortunately with her retirement, the Garden side of Maude's Garden and Coffee went with her.  The new owners, Suzanne Haight, Colleen Gross and Matt Gross are currently expanding and enhancing Maude's.  We all live within minutes of Maude's and are committed to creating a neighborhood meeting spot.  We are dedicated to being a part of the North Raleigh community and being good partners and supporters of all of our neighbors.   While we have the same great coffee from Carrboro Coffee Roasters and pastries from Ninth Street Bakery, you'll find new options for our breakfast and lunch menu from East Durham bakery and Gluten Free options from Fresh Levant.  In addition, we have partnered with local producers The Pleasant Bee for our honey and Videri Chocolate Factory for our chocolate (including warm, wonderful sipping chocolate).  We've also partnered with the local bookstore Dog-Eared Books to bring a wide variety of authors and genres to North Raleigh where every book is only $1.  

If you want to know more about us, stop by Maude's @ NoRa anytime and ask for Suzanne, Colleen or Matt.  We love to have a cup of coffee, tea or even some sipping chocolate with our neighbors and would love to hear what you're looking for at your local coffee shop.