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We have a lot to be thankful for even during this crazy year.  We know this Thanksgiving is likely to look and feel a lot different than previous years.  To help you out this year and to bring a little bit of extra deliciousness to however you spend Thanksgiving, NoRa is working with three of our partners to offer you a number of amazing treats to share with family and friends or to enjoy yourself while binge watching your favorite shows. 

 Our Thanksgiving To Go orders are available for pre-order now through this Sunday at noon.  You must pre-order so that we can ensure delivery of your items by Wednesday.  Items will be available for pickup on Wednesday November 25th at NoRa. 

You can click here to go to our online order site to place your order.


Please make sure you stop by NoRa Wednesday to pick up.

Happy Thanksgiving from NoRa

Enjoy Thanksgiving-to-go from our partners

Thanksgiving Bundle

Bottle, Beans and Bar

Be the hit of Thanksgiving whether it's with family and friends or relaxing at home with NoRa's Thanksgiving Bundle.  You can choose a bottle of wine, a bag of beans and your favorite Videri Chocolate Bar.  You can get at NoRa or order online.  Please allow us a day to package it up for you to make it special.  Options listed below.


  • Sparkling - Joseph Ventosa Brut Cava

  • White - Bloem, Chenin Blanc/Viognier

  • Red - P. Lambert Gourmandise Cabernet Franc


  • Blue Ridge

  • Sumatra

  • White Honey

Videri Chocolate Bar

  • Classic Dark

  • Dark Milk

  • Classic Dark Sea Salt

Price for Thanksgiving Bundle - $38 + tax

Best Local Coffee Shop???

If you like NoRa
You can vote for us at WRAL's Voter's choice as best local coffee shop by clicking here, visiting wral.com/vcas, on the image above or scan the QR code.


Frank G. Clemmensen

A Gathering of Images

Currently on exhibit

Meet the Artist event early December

fall exhibit 2020.jpg

NoRa Logo Art Competition

To celebrate the new year, we are inviting all of NoRa’s community to participate in the NoRa Logo Art Competition.   This is similar to the recent “People’s Art Exhibit” where every member of the NoRa community was encouraged to submit a piece of work for the exhibit. 



  • Everyone is eligible to participate in this event.

  • Limit of one entry per person

  • All work must include or incorporate NoRa’s logo into the art (please download jpg above).  The logo can be used in any way and doesn’t need to be the central focus of the work.  The logo may be manipulated or altered but must remain recognizable.

  • The submission may be either a physical piece of work or a digital submission. Digital submissions will be printed and displayed in a size of NoRa’s choosing.

  • Artist must have created and have ownership rights of all submitted work.

  • Artist must include their name, phone number, e-mail address and title of the work with their submission.

  • All work physically submitted should be less than 36" x 36".  If larger, please contact info@noracafenc.com to confirm the work can be accepted and displayed.

  • All work will be on display from mid December through the beginning of 2021

  • By submitting art for the exhibit, the artist acknowledges and agrees to the following:

    • Agrees to their work being displayed at NoRa for the length of the exhibit

    • Agrees to its use for promoting the event at NoRa, on its website and through social media

    • Accepts the risk to their work by exhibiting at NoRa

    • Winners agree that NoRa may exhibit their name and their work or a replica of their work at NoRa or as part of it’s social media and online presence

    • First place winner agrees to the use of the winning design for development of Limited Edition shirt

The competition

  • During the exhibit, all submissions will be considered for the 2021 NoRa Art Logo award.

  • All submissions will be judged by three groups - the general public, the NoRa Staff and Matt and Colleen

  • Each group’s rankings of the work will be weighted as part of the final calculation.

    • The ranking of the general public will be worth 50% of the final vote

    • The ranking of the NoRa staff will be worth 30%

    • The ranking of Matt and Colleen will each be worth 10%

  • Each person voting will rank their top three choices in order with the top choice getting 5 points, the second choice receiving 3 points and the third choice receiving 1 point.

  • Each person may vote once by either filling out a ballot at NoRa or by submitting their vote for top three to art@noracafenc.com

  • The top three pieces will be recognized by NoRa and receive the following awards/major prizes

    • Third Place:

      • A $25 gift card to NoRa

      • A new (2021 version) NoRa T-shirt

    • Second Place

      • A $50 gift card to NoRa

      • A new (2021 version) NoRa T-shirt or Hoodie

    • First Place

      • “A month of drinks”

        • Winner will be eligible for one free non-alcoholic drink at NoRa for 31 consecutive days starting at the discretion of the winner.

      • Choice of one NoRa swag item (T-shirt, Hoodie, cap)

      • Their work on exhibit at NoRa for a mutually agreed upon amount of time

      • Their name on the inaugural annual NoRa Logo Art Winner’s plaque

      • A limited edition NoRa shirt will be created featuring the winning art work

    • Winner’s will be announced in early January, 2021.   

  • Submissions

    • All submissions must be made by end of day December 7, 2020.

    • Digital submissions should be e-mailed to art@noracafenc.com with the subject of “NoRa Logo Art Competition”. 

    • All submissions MUST include name of the artist, title of the work, phone number and e-mail information

    • Physical submissions must have the artist’s name attached to work

    • Physical submissions should be in a ready-to-hang state.


We are no longer able to offer Drive-Up Movies at NoRa.  We appreciate all of you who came and spent an evening with us during the pandemic for a relaxing, fun night out.

We are working to see if we can offer some version of this in the future.  We will let you know if we're able to show movies in a safe and comfortable environment.

Wine, beer, cider and ...

Shortly before the shutdown, NoRa had introduced wine and beer to our expanding menu.  Based on feedback from our wine tastings plus some recommendations from customers, we have expanded our selection.  Many Red, White, Rose and Sparkling options available by the glass or the bottle!

Wine not your thing, how about…


We are proud to support our favorite local brewery – Durham’s Ponysaurus!  In addition to SEVEN (7) Ponysaurus brews, we are currently highlighting the world's greatest beer - Guinness - along with a North Carolina favorite, Highland Gaelic Ale.



We love our locals!  Come try our current cider option from Bull City Cider.


White Claw

For those looking for something a little lighter, we offer a variety of White Claw flavors.  If you're feeling adventurous, you can be part of testing group for "Hard Italian Sodas" as we try out an adult version of our popular drink.


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